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Photographer Jenn Ireland is an on-location, natural light photographer in Seattle creating organic, artful, fashion-forward high school senior portraits. P I N I M A G EBarDub Studios is an on-location, natural light photography studio in the Seattle area specializing in high school senior portraits. We work collaboratively with young women and men to create a fun, artful photography experience that is built around expressing style and personality. Our high school senior portraits are all about contributing to a healthy, happy, beautiful self and bringing abundance, positive vibes and self-expression into their senior year experience as they prepare to graduate and make big changes with their lives.

BarDub Studios is a subsidiary of Jenn Ireland Photography, LLC.  The studio is named after Jenn’s two adorable Golden Retrievers, Barca and Dublin.

Jenn got her start in photography at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz. As a photojournalist after college, she moved all around, working at a handful of publications in multiple states. While living + working in Massachusetts, Alabama, Arizona and California, Jenn saw a lot of different parts of the country, absorbed a lot of culture and met (and learned from!) many amazing photographers. In 2010 she moved to Seattle where she has since spent time freelancing, working as a photo editor for Microsoft, and starting her own successful photography business shooting weddings, events and high school senior portraits.

Jenn is constantly on a quest to learn more about everything and can often be found listening to a podcast or an audio book while editing photos. She is a big fan of Hillary Clinton, Game of Thrones and KEXP. Her free time is spent gardening, coaching soccer, drinking wine, and of course, playing with the pups. She continues to be impressed and inspired by the awesomeness and beauty of the Pacific Northwest and is beyond thrilled that she is able to call this place home.